About JJ Transportes Lda – Beira, Mozambique

The J&J Transport yard in Beira is strategically situated on the main road exiting Beira to the hinterland on the EN6. J&J Beira opened its doors in 2001 and our offices serve as the Beira hub for our Group. Our strategic location, state of the art onsite workshop and offices, large paved parking area under 24hour CCTV surveillance, large diesel storage tanks, together with our full complement of trained employees allows for us to ensure that our customers needs are met.

Our proximity to clearing agents and customers' offices allows us to react to bookings and requests fast and efficiently. Our dedicated staff have several years' experience in their respective fields, ensuring that we always deliver the service now synonymous with the J&J name.

J&J ensures that we have a team stationed strategically throughout the Beira corridor to provide support to our fleets. J&J has a fully integrated management system which is in line with internationally recognised SHEQ standards such as ISO45001:2018 and proudly uphold high health, safety, environment and security standards. In addition we are DPS March certified (security accredited). J&J is compliant with all legislation and are compliant with international Anti-Corruption norms with our Anti-Corruption Policy.

We have state of art IT systems for realtime truck and order tracking. Together with our experienced and dedicated customer service experts we provide our customers with an intelligent integrated end to end logistics solution tailor made for their needs.

Routes we Manage:

      JJ Transportes Lda is responsible for the below routes. This includes quotations and tender participation.
  • Mozambique to Eastern Zambia (Chipata, Katete etc.) via Chanida
  • Eastern Zambia (Chipata, Katete etc.) to Mozambique via Chanida
  • Lusaka, Zambia via Chanida Border
  • Mozambique to Malawi via Dedza/Mwanza
  • Malawi to Mozambique via Dedza/Mwanza
  • Zimbabwe to Mozambique via Forbes/Machipanda
  • Mozambique to Zimbabwe via Forbes/Machipanda
  • Long Distance Transport within the Mozambican border (option of transit via Malawi)
  • National Transport within Mozambique
  • Shunting within Beira city limits (Shunting Services Beira division)

Contact Details:

JJ Transportes Lda, Rua De Nhaconjo No 262, Manga, Beira, Mozambique | Tel: (258) 23 302956 / 302957 | Email: info@jjmoz.com


Erwin has over 10 years of experience in the Transport industry and has extensive knowledge in operations and having worked with different combinations of trailers and fleets. He has been with J&J Beira since 2022.

Erwin heads the Beira Operations team, ensuring the efficient execution of all truck movements from Mozambique, liaising between the J&J Beira branch, the Port office and Operations colleagues within the J&J Group. His primary aim is to deliver exceptional service to customers and ensure the wheels keep turning.


Shaun joined J&J Transport in 2023 as General Operations Manager coming with over 9 years of experience in Transport, Distirbution and Logistics. Over his career he succesfully implemented various processes to optimize and improve the effective management of day-to-day operations and subsequently grew bottom line growth.

Shaun is responsible for leading the JJ-Beira Operations team by ensuring effective utilization and turnaround of all group fleets in Mozambique as well as the hinterlands.


Faera Tiola has been part of the J&J team since 2007 and has played an integral part in operations starting as our JJB fleet operations manager. He has over 15 years' experience in cross border, transport and logistics services.

Faera is currently heading up the SSB shunting division in Beira as the SSB Operations Manager. With the vast experience and knowledge Faera brings to the business, we can confidently say that SSB will continue to be a leading and flagship Shunting Service provider offering the best, safe and most efficient delivery of your cargo in the Beira region and the surrounds.


Jeremiah Macamo joined J&J in 2015 as a Logistics Import Controller and has been to be the Customer Service Supervisor and now the Manager. In the past 9 years he has developed his skills and is passionate about supporting clients as this is his area of expertise. Jeremiah brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience and works hard at ensuring business processes best support our clients. Jeremiah is fluent in both Portuguese and English.

The Customer Service Department that he leads provides a tailor made end to end integrated intelligent logistics solution which includes customs clearance, warehousing, and transportation. We strive to provide the Client with the best possible solution and a premium service.