Security Supervisor

Job Description:

The Security Supervisor assumes the responsibility for coordinates and supervises the Security Guards Team, ensuring that company property is protected as well as the company assets and its employees in any kinds of situations, including theft.

The Security Supervisor has the overall responsibility for monitoring and protecting company property against all kind of criminal activity, reducing theft and ensuring that no person will cause any damages within or on the company premises and reports to the HR/ADMIN Coordinator.

Outline of Duties & Responsibilities
 Coordinate the security team work, delegating and splitting the tasks to ensure that the department works effectively and efficiently;
 Supervise and ensure daily rounds at all the work stations;
 Draft and deliver with notice to HR Department the Vacation Plan, ensuring at all times that enough resources are allocated to the guard shift services, especially during the peak season;
 Plan and reorganize the team for the different workstations, proposing rearrangements on the shift system whenever necessary;
 Report cases of absences, non compliance with assigned tasks, any drunk or disorderly or any other improper behavior and theft, in order to ensure that disciplinary actions/disciplinary process will take place;
 Supervise and ensure all guards are monitoring  the flow of people and employees, control all access points and ensure all visitors are registered and assisted;
 Supervise and ensure all guards are controlling the entry, exit and movement of any vehicle on the company premises:  entry of trucks (main and second gate), passenger vehicles (main gate) and organize cars and trucks to enable safe parking in the company yard
and premises and ensure physical records are kept updated;
 Supervise and patrol the premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure all entry points are secure including windows and gates;
 Ensure and supervise that the premises are kept clean and assist with ensuring good health, safety and hygienic practices are followed, including ensuring all persons are using ablution facilities correctly and any troublemakers are reported;
 Supervise and ensure your team is enable to support and assist with any emergencies and ensure no violence and physical conflicts occur;
 Supervise and ensure your team monitors and authorizes entrance and departure of all employees and visitors to protect against theft and ensure that the security of the premises and the assets within the premises are maintained;
 Supervise and report in writing to the HR Department all daily activities and irregularities, such as equipment or property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons or unusual occurrences noted during shifts;
 Supervise your team to ensure they inform and communicate to all employees about the security and safety rules, procedures and policies and report immediately any infractions of it, using the force whenever necessary to ensure the safety of all and retain normality;
 Supervise and ensure you are available at all times to work flexible hours and your team are able to rotate to the several workstations under a Guard responsibility, such as company premises, company residences and company projects properties, doing all required
jobs and showing initiative on keep company properties safe, secure and clean;
 Supervise and ensure all documents are delivered and kept on file every time any equipment and/or spares are transported from the workshop and yard  to outside the company;

Job Requirements:

Soft Skills :
 Good leadership skills, with firm and assertive approach;
 Good communication skills;
 Good judgment and good  people orientation;
 Empathy and Team Work skills;
 Details orientation (accuracy and quality when registering information/reports);
 High levels of self-motivation;
 Good attendance and punctuality;
 Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers.
 Conflict management ability;
 Pro-active with initiative and flexibility when implementing company rules and policies

Hard Skills:
 Academic Background: compulsory education;
 Experience required (minimum/maximum): 5-10 years, in private companies (transports companies is preferable) as a leader or supervisor;
 Time availability (availability to work in shifts, day or night);
 Basic knowledge of Public Safety and Security;
 Others: good eyesight and visual awareness of surroundings.

 Regular working hours at IBLTS for guard departments as Work Direction approved work schedule.

Tankers Operations Manager

Job Description:

The Operations Manager is responsible for managing day-to-day operational transport requirement for our fleet whilst providing support to the General Operations Manager and handling daily co-ordination with clients.
The Operations Manager reports directly to the General Operations Manager

Duties & Responsibilities
The scopes of responsibilities for the Operations Manager includes management of the operations team on day-to-day activities, overseeing all tasks for the Operations Department of the Company, taking ownership, being cost effective and contributing to ensure the smooth running of the ST Operations Department whilst protecting and uploading the Company brand/image.

Outline of Duties & Responsabilities:
 Retaining and acquiring business through exceptional service delivery and relationship building;
 Maintaining standardized policies and procedures of operations across the department;
 Performing regular operational audits to ensure compliance and providing month end/quarterly reports;
 Coordinating of the Operations Assistants Team work, delegating and splitting tasks, in order to ensure the department runs smoothly;
 Developing and leading a cohesive team capable of planning and executing day-to-day activities in a safe, professional, efficient and cost effective manner;
 Managing human resources performance (Operations staff & Drivers) and development to optimize utilization;
 Assisting in commercial and contractual negotiations;
 Effectively managing and liaising with stakeholders, both internal and external;
 Establish required linkage to governmental entities (focused on customs authorities) to avoid any delays and forecast to avoid any future problems;
 Ensure all loads are expeditiously loaded, transported and delivered as per customer requirements at the correct time and place, in a good state and with valid proof of delivery;
 Update customers on the position of the cargo as and when changes take place and update Customer specific delivery details when needed and/or required with the use of Magic Eye;
 Ensure cargo is allocated to trucks with due consideration to customer requirements and nature of the cargo;
 Ensure required arrangements are in place at all times for timely loading and offloading of cargo;
 Ensure required funds for each trip are issued by cashiers as agreed with management;
 Coordinate with operations team on the loading and off-loading of trucks in Beira port and or other locations such as warehouse and/or any other customer;
 Ensure required arrangements are made and communicated to the relevant operations staff to enable late release and offloading of trucks in the port - this includes weekend ading;
 Communicate/coordinate requirements for specific loads to drivers and follow up to ensure all instructions are followed;
 Monitor and report on truck movements to ensure shortest possible round trip times with consideration to destination;
 Monitor satellite tracking to identify drivers “not moving” and or any problems with reporting of satellite units;
 Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation including HR requirements and internal policies. Liaise and coordinate with HR Department, regarding the control of driver’s documents validity;
 Support and liaise with HR Department in regards with driver grievances and concerns;
 Ensure all relevant data are update on FMS System to improve the reports data quality;
 Assist to ensure all employees are aware of Health and Safety and carry out daily tasks in the safest possible working environment;
 Use Magic Eye to ensure adequate fatigue management and health and safety of the driver, truck and cargo is maintained at all times and on all routes;
 Liaise with representatives in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia to ensure that all issues are deal with, response times remain quick and that border clearances and turnaround of trucks remain high priority;
 Report to Management and HR Departments any deviation from regulations and/or any misconduct by any driver, in order to ensure corrective actions and/or disciplinary proceedings where necessary;
 Liaise and coordinate at all times with port and/or customs and/or road authorities’ procedures as relates to the company and the movement of our trucks;
 Ensure that the trucks have got valid documents, insurances, licenses and inspections valid;
 Ensure that ALL cargos have the appropriate permits;
 Monitor and supervise operations team, in order to ensure that all movements by trucks are updated accurately in FMS;
 Contribute for the continuous development of FMS;
 Ensure Magic Eye and FMS are used to their full functionality which allows for full control of the fleet;
 Report any accidents, thefts, fines or breakdowns to either Legal Department and/or Workshop and ensure that all legal interests are followed up;
 Lease with Shipping Lines and other agencies such as Cornelder, Kudumba, ANE and Police, regards to cargo documents and permits;
 Liaise with Workshop Department to ensure regular servicing and maintenance of the fleet is maintained, ensuring that the fleet is both cosmetically sound and technically reliable to maintain a high safety record and professional image;
 Ensure that information related to the interests of ST and/or the markets within which we operate are communicated to management;
 Contribute with any innovative ideas or ways that may improve the operations and/or efficiency of the company and share/communicate it in a proper manner to management;
 Comply and ensure compliance with company regulations and Quality, Health and Safety policies;
 Perform other tasks as may be required by the General Operations Manager and/or General Manager and/or Managing Director.

Job Requirements:

Soft Skills :
Good communication and Co-operation skills;
Strong customer and human resources relationship management skills;
Details orientation (accuracy and quality orientation when working);
High levels of responsibility;
Energetic hands-on individual with strong leadership skills
Results orientated with delivery capabilities and good time management skills;
Planning and Organization skills;
Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and managers;
Conflict management ability;
Pro-active management style with initiative, dynamism and assertiveness approach;
Show high levels of skills and interest in developing direct reports;
Ability to maintain the continuity of the normal workflow despite interruptions;
Available to purpose personal development of skills and acknowledge necessary for the effective performance of the role

Hard Skills:
 Academic Background: Relevant educational qualifications and training;
 Experience required: 5-10 years, with relevant management experience in a similar role within the transport industry;
 IT knowledge: excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office products (word; excel; power point);
 Age (minimum/maximum): 30 – 40 Years;
 Language: English and Portuguese – Good Level of the language, both written and spoken;
 Extensive knowledge of company business model and business needs;
 Good knowledge of local organization;
 Time availability: Must be available to work until the job is done;
Regular Workshop working hours at J&J:                    
 Monday to Friday
 07.30 A.M – 12.30 P.M
 02.00 P.M– 05.00 P.M
 Saturday:
 12.45 P.M – 02.45 P.M

Human Resources Officer– Training And Development

Job Description:

The Human Resources Officer– Training And Development is responsible for the training and development of the Company’s employees, with a focus on trainees and apprentices on the Employee Development Programme (EDP) and Apprenticeship Programme (AP) to provide the Company with competent staff, managers and technicians. Training and development is coordinated across the Mozambique entities of JJ Beira, IBLTS, BLT and ST, with assistance where necessary elsewhere in the Group.
The position reports to the Training Manager and Group Human Resources Manager, and is based in Beira.

Duties & Responsibilities
The scope of responsibilities of the HR Officer – Training and Development is to plan, coordinate, administer, develop and conduct training and development activities in support of Company managers and mentors, who are ultimately responsible for the growth of their staff.

Summary Outline of Duties & Responsibilities:
Manage the Employee Development Programme (EDP) and the Apprenticeship Programme (AP)- from recruitment of trainees, to assisting mentors and managers.
Manage the Company’s E-learning programmes, LCTP’s and internal courses- identify individual training needs and interventions.
Assist in the design of the supporting documentary framework for development programmes, and administer vocational contracts, stipends, and appointment of
vocational trainees to employment.
Assist in the production of EDP phases content and time-lines, propose training interventions to augment the EDP phases. Coach managers in their roles as mentors
and adherence to EDP and AP methods and procedures.
Ensure that EDP and AP participants stay on track in their training by accompanying their progress.
Assist in the convening of mentorship committee meetings, assessment sessions, and panel interviews.
Conduct training needs analyses.
Design, develop and present training courses.
Prepare T&D budgets for inclusion in the overall training budget.

Job Requirements:
Candidates need to have a track record of administering employee development and mentorship programmes in a large organisation, including graduate, E-learning and apprenticeship programmes. They should have strong communication, planning and organisation skills, and be able to establish effective working relationships at all levels. Candidates should have a tertiary degree in HR Management / Administration.